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Outriders gets an official animated trailer

Square Enix and People Can Fly recently released a trailer for their upcoming game Outriders. The animated trailer shows the events that took place before the beginning of the game, and how the Outriders became humankind’s last hope.

Outriders is cooperative role-playing looter-shooter, featuring four different classes with unique abilities. The four classes include the Trickster, the Devastator, the Pyromancer, and the Technomancer. The Trickster can manipulate time, the Devastator can cause seismic attacks, The Pyromance can manipulate fire, and the Technomancer can use turrets.

In addition, Outriders features many different weapon types, such assault rifles, shotguns, snipers, machineguns, and more. All weapons are fully customizable, and as always all weapons have rarities.

Lastly, the game is featuring a long story, much like the Borderlands series, but much – more – serious. Besides the main missions, players will also be able to take on side missions, and explore the world as they please. A demo of the game is available on Steam.

Below you can watch the official No Turning Back trailer for Outriders.

Outriders - No Turning Back [ESRB]

Outriders is releasing on April 1st.