Third episode for The AMC TC, old-school stand-alone free game based on Duke Nukem 3D, available now

Modder ‘Jblade35’ has released the third episode for The AMC TC. The AMC TC is described as an epic multi-character single player stand-alone game based on Duke Nukem 3D, utilising Eduke32 and the 2.5D BUILD engine.

In this free old-school FPS game, players will assume the role of a member from the AMC Squad.

“The AMC Squad is a paramilitary group formed by a man whose identity is unknown to all but a select few in the EDF and EAF. Using funds from both of those agencies as well as his own, he hired an old friend to track down 7 of the best and most skilled fighters on Earth. This squad was formed to tackle the most severe threats to Earth’s safety, including fighting off the notorious Cycloid race of aliens. However, events soon unfold that dramatically increase the scale of conflict, and the AMC squad must soon deal with a new paranormal world that is new to even the most supernatural members of the team.”

The third episode offers 30+ hours of story-driven campaign, featuring original levels full of epic encounters and surprises. The artists that made the levels for the game’s third episode are James Stanfield, Michael Crisp, Sangluss, Cedric ‘Zaxtor Znort’ Lutes, Loke, and Snowfall (with certain maps using segments built by Highwire and Jenz/amaka).

What’s really cool here is that the team has merged episode three with episode one and two, meaning that players can get the complete experience by simply downloading one single file.

Those interested can download The AMC TC from here, and below you can find some key notes that the team shared. Kudos to our reader ‘durka durka’ for bringing this to our attention!

  • Play in CLASSIC 8bit mode; Polymost and Polymer modes are unsupported and will have severe visual glitches. If you’re running on a 64bit system, run the eduke32_64bit.exe as this will have better performance; otherwise, run eduke32.exe
  • If it’s your first time, start with ‘The Men who were AMC‘ and play on Normal difficulty. The higher skill levels introduce new mechanics that you will be unprepared for, and underequipped to deal with. In the AMC base lobby you can talk to the receptionist to take an optional training course that’s highly recommended. If it’s NOT your first time and you would like to carry your progress from previous episodes, copy the data folder and the eduke32.cfg into episode 3’s folder.
  • Head into the key binds setting and ensure you have keys bound; remove the keybinding for ‘run’ as it’s not used (as of this moment, it’s not possible for us to remove this setting) AMC TC is designed for mouse + keyboard, and it’s recommend to have alt-fire bound to your right mouse button.
  • AMC’s inventory system is different from other BUILD engine games; press the Inventory left key to open up a wheel, and then scroll with the mouse key to move around it. You can change this back to the standard left/right system in the AMC_Settings.ini
  • The AMC_Settings.ini contains some settings that may help increase performance if you’re struggling to maintain a good framerate; screen resolution is the overall deciding factor however so consider turning that down a bit if you don’t find it playable.
  • All your progress in the AMC TC is saved; beating a level is permanent and when you start a new game on a higher skill level, you retain everything you’ve researched and purchased (with the sole exception of weapon upgrades, which are handled on a case to case basis)
  • Finally, when visiting the AMC base right click on a character’s portrait to be taken straight to the underground base rather than their room. If you wish to change characters when there, head into the base’ briefing room. The mission interface has multiple levels; you can zoom out with a right-click.
AMC TC Episode 3 Official Trailer 2018