TheProtomen’s site was taken down and links now directly to Capcom-Unity

By now, most of you will know The Protomen. In case you are still unaware, it was a fanboy rock group that was covering Mega Man songs and according to various sources, they got a ”Cease and Desist” message from Capcom. Well, most of us thought that it was fake but it seems it wasn’t as the site was taken down.
Capcom’s law firm stated that the unlawful copying of the “Mega Man” video game franchise (henceforth referred to as “Mega Man”) by the band consisting of Derek K Yu, Alan Shacklock, Raul Panther, Scartoe Gleason, Doug Mesich, Andy Sproe, Mike Martel, Derek Haight, Robert Hawkins, and Greg Costa henceforth referred to as “The Protomen,” infringes upon their client’s exclusive copyrights.
So yeah, the site was taken down and links now directly to Capcom-Unity. If you don’t believe us, try visiting it.
Wow Capcom. Way to go. Kudos for pissing off your fans even more!