Shattered Horizon with 75% Discount on Steam

Futuremark has just informed us that their space FPS game, Shattered Horizon, will receive today a 75% discount. This deal will only be for one day and will start at around 10:00 PST and basically means that the game will only cost $4.99.
Shattered Horizon is an addictive game and most of all, original. Futuremark included some DLC’s with new maps and more weapons and its gameplay mechanics work great. The game doesn’t support Windows XP and DX9, so make sure you have a DX10 card before buying it.
Our biggest gripe with Shattered Horizon is its low fanbase. It simply didn’t take off as it should – mainly because it was a DX10-only game. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, please do. You may actually like it, provided your PC can run it as it’s quite demanding.
Those interested can visit its Steam Page at 10:00 PST.