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The Witcher 3 PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One sale percentages revealed for 2015, 2016 and 2017

During its fiscal year 2017 financial presentation, CD Projekt RED’s Piotr Nielubowicz, revealed the sale percentages for The Witcher 3 per platform in the past three years. According to the graph, the PC version has surpassed each console version in 2016 and 2017.

Surprisingly enough, in 2015 the PS4 version of The Witcher 3 sold better than the PC version. Going into slightly more details, in 2015 around 48% of the game’s sales were coming from PS4 whereas 31% was coming from the PC. This is something we are hearing for the first time.

The PC was able to pass the console sales (per platform) in 2016 and in 2017. In 2016, 42% of the sales were coming from PS4 whereas 43% of the sales were coming from the PC. And in 2017, 35% of the sales were coming from PS4 and 50% were coming from the PC.

As Piotr Nielubowicz stated:

“This diagram shows two important information. Number 1. In 2017, The Witcher 3 has sold more than in 2016. We are extremely proud of that and it had impact on total sales of all (The Witcher) games which was 33 million of copies as mentioned by Adam. The second important information is that on the year of the release, 70% of sales were sales of console copies and slightly more than 30% were PC copies. The trend has been changing over time and PCs have the longest life cycle now. In 2017 50% of sales stem from PC copies and the other half was attributed to both consoles.”