The Witcher 3 Geralt screenshot

The Witcher 3 has sold more copies on the PC in 2019 than all consoles combined

CD Projekt Red has released its latest financial charts, and revealed that The Witcher 3 sold more copies on the PC than all consoles combined in 2019. This is huge and shows the long legs of PC games, something that a lot of companies have acknowledged over the last few years.

As we can clearly see, the PC platform is the most successful one for The Witcher 3 these past couple of years. Surprisingly enough, in 2015, the PS4 sold more copies than the PC version. Then, in 2016, these two platforms were equal. However, in both 2017 and 2018, the PC was able to surpass PS4. And, in 2019, the PC sales of The Witcher 3 are more than all of the console sales.

My guess is that this graph includes all of the special discounts that CD Projekt RED has offered. Thus, this most likely includes the GOG Special Sale events. What this basically means is that PC revenue percentage does not equal to the PC unit sales percentage. So yeah, keep that in mind while looking at this graph. Nevertheless, it’s at least good knowing that the game keeps selling well on the PC. Well… at least when it comes to unit sales.

In similar news, CD Projekt RED has reported 521 million PLN in 2019 sales revenue. This is around 124 million US dollars. Moreover, this number is 44% higher than CD Projekt RED’s revenue in 2018.