Here are 44 minutes of gameplay footage from Obsidian’s new survival game, Grounded

Inside Xbox did a deep-dive into Obsidian’s upcoming survival game, Grounded, showcasing 44 minutes of gameplay footage. This video is from a livestream which means that it has numerous artifacts. So, while it will give you an idea of Grounded’s gameplay mechanics, it does not represent the visual quality of the game.

Grounded is a survival game, featuring a building system, crafting, looting and combat system. Furthermore, the game will allow players to build shelters by knocking down some tufts of grass. The game will also allow players to freely explore the game world. Players will have complete freedom in a sandbox environment. However, the game will also have a narrative component just to offer the right motivation.

Although Microsoft and Obsidian planned for a Spring 2020, so it will be interesting to see whether they will be able to hit that date. My guess is that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the game may be slightly delayed.

Enjoy the following gameplay video, courtesy of IGN, and stay tuned for more!

44 Minutes of Grounded Single-Player Gameplay (With Commentary)