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The Witcher 3 ESR Overhaul mod introduces new mechanics, latest version available for download

Modder ‘Gondzza’ has released a new version of his ESR Overhaul mod for The Witcher 3. ESR Overhaul introduces new mechanics, and changes overall balance to make the game more diverse and challenging. According to the modder, pretty much every aspect of the game is affected.

ESR Overhaul attemps to feature smooth gameplay in terms of difficulty. Thereby, the game keeps staying challenging with a slow increase of the player’s power relative to the world around.

Moreover, the mod pays extra attention to the balance between different battle tactics and skill builds. This is mainly thanks to the introduction of new combat mechanics (as well as tuning old ones). These changes allow to choose a gameplay style that feats you the best, and switch between different builds.

Furthermore, and as we’ve already stated, the mod introduces new features that extend gameplay and make it more complicated and diverse. Now the player can choose the most appropriate tactics/weapons/skills/alchemy to fight specific opponent type. Also, most of the game’s systems (like skills, inventory, loot and mobs) have been enhanced.

Do note that there are a lot of changes that this mod brings to the table. As such, I strongly suggest using it only if you want to replay this RPG (and not if it’s your first playthrough).

You can download its latest version from here. You can also read some of the changes and balance tweaks that introduces it here.

Have fun!