The Witcher 2: REDKit Mod Tools Are Officially Available; Screenshots & Videos From First Mod

The Witcher 2 v2
A couple of days ago, we informed you about the release of the REDkit mod tools for The Witcher 2. Well, it appears that those tools were unofficially released back then, and CD Projekt RED disabled the downloads in the blink of an eye. Thankfully though, the company has officially released REDkit today and you can find below its download link, alongside the first screenshots and videos from its first mod.
REDkit lets players create big, living worlds, give birth to entire communities, bring believable characters to life, plant realistic forests in just a few clicks, easily import new objects to use in their adventures and effortlessly share their creations with the community.
REDkit features an advanced but still user-friendly terrain tools, a realistic day and night cycle, astonishing graphics, SpeedTree foliage system and full integration between the script language and the game editor.
The first mod that has been announced for The Witcher 2 is called Lykaon and is currently in its alpha stage.
Those interested can get the REDkit mod tools from here.


Pre Alpha Video: A Simple Life

Pre Alpha Video: The Heroic Tale of the Witcher and the Dwarf

Back to the Future (Alpha version)

Lykaon Trailer (Alpha version)