The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition Changelog

CD Projekt RED has revealed the key features changelog of the The Witcher 2’s PC Enhanced Edition. Among other things, the Enhanced Edition features a launcher that includes an option to toggle DLCs off and on, a new werewolf trophy  in Chapter 3 and lots of fixes. As we’ve said and before, the Enhanced Edition will be made available to all PC owners of The Witcher 2 for free in April 17th. We should also note that this is not the complete changelog but the key features and fixes of the Enhanced Edition. Enjoy!
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition PC Changelog:
1. Launcher now includes an option to toggle DLCs off and on.
2. Assorted animals have been added to the game.
3. New werewolf trophy has been added in Chapter 3.
4. New, randomly dispersed swords have been added.
5. Fixed error in potions_time_bonus value at level 2 of ‘Specialization: Potions’ ability.
6. Fixed description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability.
7. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Alchemist’ ability.
8. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Amplification’ ability at level 2.
9. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Energy Flow’ ability at level 2.
10. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability at level 2.
11. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Synthesis’ ability at level 2.
12. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Combat Acumen’ ability.
13. Fixed incorrect description of Gadwall potion.
14. ‘Position’ ability at level 2 now multiplies damage dealt to back by zero.
15. Fixed incorrect damage calculation for ‘Whirl’ ability.
16. Fixed spark FX and no damage taken when rolling while being attacked by foe.
17. Fixed incorrect notification when using Axii Sign on golems.
18. Mahakam Rune Sihil sword is now imported from TW1 game saves to New Game.
19. Parry and Signs are now improved when Geralt has increased Vigor.
20. Parry bug has been fixed. Players can no longer parry for 0 damage.
21. Quen Sign has been significantly nerfed. It now wears off after one or two hits.
22. Adrenaline no longer loads during boss fights.
23. Fixed bug that caused Igni to deal no damage when used right after a sword hit.
24. Fixed incorrect game behavior when saving game while casting bombs.
25. Kayran now casts fewer stones at end of fight.
26. Fixed bug allowing potions to be consumed with Toxicity at 100%.
27. Finisher performed on rotfiends no longer adds additional weapon.
28. Redanian soldiers in Chapter 3 now spawn correctly.
29. Fire now removes Quen Sign during dragon boss fight in Chapter 3.
30. Fixed targeting on dragon in Chapter 3.
31. Added new statistics for NPCs to correct game balance in Chapter 3.
32. Cat potion effect now disappears during dialogue sequences and cut scenes.
33. Target marker and enemy names have been removed from fist fights.
34. Fixed display name for wraiths.
35. Small fixes introduced in NPC taunt behavior during fights.
36. Fixed NPC behavior after combat.
37. All critical effects dealt to player are canceled before any scene starts.
38. Fixed unusual behavior of clothing when using Heliotrope Sign.
39. Small fixes introduced in Dice Poker mini-game.
40. Several fixes introduced in mini-maps.
41. Fixed several camera shots in dialogue sequences.
42. Fixed dialogue camera in ‘Blood Curse’ quest.
43. Walkmesh fixed in Roche’s tent.
44. Walkmesh fixed in Chapter 3 sewers.
45. Walkmesh fixed when following Roche on Chapter 3.
46. Walkmesh fixed in central square of Loc Muinne.
47. Walkmesh fixed near Nilfgaardian camp in Chapter 3.
48. Fixed several camera collisions.
49. Fixed tent roof collisions in Chapter 3.
50. Fixed collisions in butcher’s house in Flotsam.