The War Z Is Available, Once Again, On Steam

The War Z v2
Remember the ‘The War Z’ fiasco? Well, it seems that Hammerpoint has been working on fixing and addressing issues, as well as adding new features to it and despite the past arguments and Valve’s decision to remove the title from Steam, Hammerpoint’s zombie game has returned and is available, once again, on Steam.
According to Valve, Hammerpoint Interactive and Valve collaborated to address community feedback, update the Steam store page, and make the title available for purchase worldwide. In addition, a patch has been released to update existing customers. As such, the special refund offering extended for The War Z Steam customers who previously purchased the title has concluded.
We know that a lot of PC gamers were frustrated with this game’s initial release, and we know that DayZ’s creator was also disappointed with what happened as he feared that this whole thing would have a negative impact on the standalone version of DayZ. However, Hammerpoint has been working on addressing a lot of issues so at least we can give them kudos for not abandoning their title. Still, it’s really hard to recommend it and we still remember those cocky statements from Hammerpoint’s PR manager. The damage has been done and we can’t see how Hammerpoint will be able to turn the tides.
But anyway, those interested can purchase it from here.