QuakeCon 2013 Announced, To Be Held On August 1-4

John Carmack v2
Each and every year, I’m looking forward to QuakeCon. It’s not that it is as exciting as E3, GDC or GamesCom. No no no, QuakeCon is something completely different. However, each and every year John Carmack talks during this event. And when this programming guru speaks, we all listen. Sure, some do not like id Software’s policy – and we were among the first to criticize the PC version of RAGE – but still, Carmack is one of the few that knows his stuff.
So, good news for everyone as Bethesda and id Software announced that QuakeCon 2013 will be held in┬áthe Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, on August 1-4. Those interested in participating can visit Bethesda’s official website and make hotel reservations.
It is also said that Bethesda will unveil its upcoming titles on this event. We’ll surely get to see Elder Scrolls Online but our biggest question is whether the publisher will unveil Prey 2 or Doom 4 during this event. Hmmmmm, Doom 4. QuakeCon. id Software. Seems plausible.
As always, we’ll be covering John’s speech and we’ll let you know what the guru has unveiled during his long, long speech.