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The unofficial PC port of Jak & Daxter now supports online and local multiplayer

In June 2022, we informed you about an unofficial PC port of the Playstation classic platformer, Jak & Daxter. And tomorrow, this unofficial PC port will get online and local multiplayer capabilities via a mod. This will be a must-have mod for everyone.

Going into more details, Teamruns is a mod for Jak and Daxter on PC that lets you play with friends both online and locally. You can explore and complete the game together in a shared world where you can see and interact with your friends.

What’s interesting here is that all in-game cutscenes have been tweaked. Normally, the cut-scenes interrupt the game flow. However, the mod will make them run in real-time to work better with multiplayer.

The team behind Teamruns says the mod mainly focuses on speedrunning. It has a timer, splits, and can automatically submit your times to leaderboards. It also has other game modes for casual play and a tool for recording your gameplay to make custom demo files. So, expect numerous speedruns to pop up in the coming days.

Let’s also not forget that a couple of days ago, we shared an unofficial PC port of Crash Team Racing. That PC port of Crash Team Racing supports 60fps, as well as online multiplayer. And this is precisely why we love the modding community on PC.

Speaking of unofficial PC ports, I also suggest checking out the ones for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeMajora’s MaskPerfect Dark, and Super Mario 64.

Those interested will be able to download the mod from its official website. Below you can also find a trailer for it.

Again, it’s pretty impressive what the modding teams have managed to achieve with these old/classic console titles. So, kudos to everyone as they wholeheartedly deserve the spotlight.

Have fun!

Jak and Daxter Online Multiplayer - TeamRuns 0.9 Preview