Super Mario 64 header screenshot

Super Mario 64 PC with Ray Tracing is now available for download

In May 2020, we informed you about an unofficial native DX12 version of Super Mario 64 for the PC. And today, DarioSamo released a public technical version of Super Mario 64 Ray Tracing. As the name implies, this version adds full path tracing support to the open-source Super Mario 64 port for PC.

According to DarioSamo, all GPUs that support Ray Tracing can run this special version of Super Mario 64 PC. Do note, though, that this mod is in a very early state. Thus, you’ll likely encounter plenty of visual and performance problems.

Going into more technical details, this mod packs a fully path-traced renderer. It also brings custom level lighting for all stages, as well as dynamic sphere lights for objects and particles. Moreover, it features Classic Phong shading and support for Normal Maps. Furthermore, it introduces real-time raytraced shadows, reflections, refractions and global illumination.

In order to showcase the game’s Ray/Path tracing effects, DarioSamo also released the following trailer. Additionally, Digital Foundry shared a video showing 34 minutes of gameplay footage from it.

Super Mario 64 Ray Tracing (sm64rt) - Technical Preview Trailer

Super Mario 64 RT: Full Ray Tracing Conversion - PC Technical Preview First Look!

You can download the Super Mario 64 PC Ray Tracing mod from here.

Lastly, and speaking of Super Mario 64, we also suggest trying some other mods. There is a mod that allows you to play as Luigi and another that allows you to play as Wario. There is also an impressive Doom mod for it. These mods should, theoretically, be compatible with this Ray Tracing mod.

Have fun!