The spiritual successor to the classic X-Com, ‘Xenonauts’, gets a Kickstarter

Back in January, we informed you about Xenonauts, a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com games. Well, guess what everyone? Goldhawk Interactive, the team behind it, has decided to start a Kickstarter for it. Goldhawk’s goal is relatively small, as they need $50K USD to fund the game. There are 32 days left and the Kickstarter is almost at $10K, so we can safely assume that Xenonauts will hit its initial mark.
Xenonauts is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games. We are aiming to take the original mechanics and update them for the modern age, making them easier to use and more in-depth without changing the fundamentals. All the classic features are present and accounted for – things like turn-based combat, destructible environments, soldier permadeath and large squad sizes.
Those interested can also try a demo for Xenonauts.