The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief – Second Episode Now Available On Steam

The Raven
Nordic Games announced today that Ancestry Of Lies, the second chapter of the point and click adventure The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief, is now available for PC via Steam, and will be available later this year in digital format for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
In the second chapter, players experience the ’heist’ part of the story for the first time and switch perspectives.
Ancestry Of Lies can be purchased from Steam as a Standard Edition priced £20.99 and is also available as a Digital Deluxe version for £24.99 including the official soundtrack, ‘making of booklet’, story book and printable posters. Both versions will unlock the first episode The Eye Of The Sphinx instantly and will also unlock the third episode on September 24th.
Martin Kreuch, Producer at Nordic Games, said:
“It’s been incredibly fun to work alongside the guys at KING Art on The Raven and the reception of the game has been fantastic. One of our objectives with this game was to keep players guessing, right up until the very end of chapter 3, and from the community feedback we’ve received we’re on track with that.”
Jan Theysen, Creative Director at KING Art, added:
“In the second chapter of the game we’ve crammed it full lots of twists and turns that will keep players guessing. This part of the story is a real gem; even though we want to progress with the genre, we also wanted to keep the classic elements that players already love. We’ve struck a fine balance between focusing on speeding up the gameplay and creating a deep and interesting story which charms players, but also broadens our audience.”
The Raven – Legacy Of A Master Thief is a crime tale set across 1960s Europe which promises to immerse players in both sides of the story, as players adopt the role of the thief and the investigator.
The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief - Trailer - PC | HD