The new Far Cry game will be called Far Cry: New Dawn, cover art leaked

As we’ve already reported, Ubisoft will reveal a new Far Cry game at the Video Games Award 2018. And from the looks of it, its cover art has been leaked, revealing its full title.

According to the cover art, this new Far Cry game will be called Far Cry: New Dawn. The game will most likely take place after the events of Far Cry 5 in a post-apocalyptic Earth (after all, we can clearly see the church from the first game on the left of the cover).

The cover art also shows to female characters sitting in a sofa, with the one on the right using the custom crossbow that was showcased in the game’s teaser trailer. This could hint at co-op support, though it’s not clear yet whether Far Cry New Dawn will only feature female protagonists or not.

Enjoy the cover art (thanks Resetera) and stay tuned for more!