The Euclideon Team – Unlimited Detail – Showcases Some New Techy Stuff

Unlimited Detail
It’s been almost a year since our last look on the Euclideon ‘Unlimited Detail’ engine. Unfortunately, the team has not come up with a game yet, however it has released a new tech video for this particular engine. As the team claims, it has spent the last year building technology that overcomes all the loading and memory problems that happen when you use terabytes in places where people would normally use megabytes, and this video is the end result of those efforts.
The Euclideon Team has not turned its back games, though.
“I’m afraid the video isn’t very interesting from a gaming point of view and we are aware many have expected a game by now. This does not mean we have abandoned games. If you had the ability to laser scan in the real world and run it, would you abandon games?”
Pretty interesting stuff nonetheless. Naturally, some will claim that this video is fake (or using pre-rendered stuff) while others will be amazed with what the Euclideon team has managed to achieve.
It will be interesting to see what the team has in store for us, and whether or not it will be able to create a game engine out of it.