The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Multiplayer V0.6.2 is now available, featuring script enhancements and fixes

The team behind TES3MP – a project adding multiplayer to OpenMW, which is an open-source recreation of Morrowind’s engine – has released a brand new version of it. Yes, you read that right; you can play Morrowind in multi-player now. Morrowind, as pretty much all the main The Elder Scrolls games, is a single-player game, however, gamers can finally play this classic RPG game in multi-player thanks to this project.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Multiplayer V0.6.2 comes with some script enhancements, important bug fixes and allows players to play NPC sounds.

As the team noted, servers can now run console commands on clients, allowing server scripts to do almost anything that client plugin scripts can do.

Moreover, your character can now say almost anything that an NPC of your race and gender can say, using the new /speech (or /s for short) command. Players can also play any of the NPC idle animations using /anim (or /a for short).

Those interested can download the latest version of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Multiplayer from here.

And here is how you can install it:

  • Download tes3mp from the post above and unpack it in its own folder somewhere. Do not unpack it in the same folder as a previous OpenMW installation.
  • Run openmw-wizard.exe from the tes3mp folder and point it to your Morrowind installation.
    (This step is not necessary if you already have OpenMW installed and working, because tes3mp will simply use the same settings as it.)
  • Run openmw-launcher.exe and select your expansions and plugins from the Data Files section.
    By default, servers require you to only use Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
  • Either click the Play button from openmw-launcher.exe or run tes3mp-browser.exe to start the server browser.
    You can also start your own server using tes3mp-server.exe and then connect to it after refreshing the browser.
  • In the server browser, double click on a server of your choice and check its details, then try to connect to it.