The Darkness II – FOV Patch is coming in the next weeks; 2K Games’ Q&A team is testing it

A few days ago, we informed you about Digital Extremes’ intentions to look into the FOV issue for the PC version of The Darkness II. Back then, we didn’t know whether or not the team was working on a patch to address it, so we are delighted to tell you that the team has already implemented it via a patch that is currently in testing phase. 2K Games’ Q&A team is currently testing the FOV slider and hopefully, the patch will go live in the coming days or weeks.
We’ve already discussed the importance of a higher FOV in PC and we hope that more developers will offer this option, alongside one for color-blind gamers.
The Darkness II is a fun FPS that does not require a high-end PC. Be sure to read our Performance Analysis here.