The Atomontage Engine In Full Effect, New Video Shows Off This Voxel Engine

Atomontage Engine v2
Back in September, we informed you about the Atomontage Engine; an engine that is based on voxels, but also supports polygons, animations and collision primitives. Moreover, Atomontage Engine features a simple AI-based controller that is responsible for making all the modules perform the best way possible in a particular situation on a particular machine.
A couple of days ago, Branislav Siles, lead developer of the Atomontage Engine, released a new video that shows off this engine and how smoothly it actually runs. Oh, and you see that dragon in the top photo? It’s editable and can be tweaked or altered in all possible ways.
According to the video’s description, this video was captured (with framerates ranging from 15 to 150) on an Acer notebook with Intel C2D P7550, nVidia GeForce GT 130M and MS Windows Vista 32bit. In other words, this system is comparable with gaming desktops from 2005, meaning that the engine has a lot of potential.
Atomontage Engine - Voxelized Geometry