New Screenshots From Atomontage Engine Give Us A Glimpse Into The Future

Branislav Siles, lead developer of the Atomontage Engine, has released a new set of screenshots from his voxel-based engine. Atomontage Engine promises to become one of the ultimate solutions in real-time 3D. Atomontage engine supports a number of content representations. It supports polygons, but is heavily based on voxels. Collision primitives are also supported, meaning that this engine might be able to accomplish its development team’s dreams.
One of the main issues of a voxel engine is the AI and the animation system. Atomontage Engine features a simple AI-based controller that is responsible for making all the modules perform the best way possible in a particular situation on a particular machine. Animations are also supported.
Those interested can visit Atomontage Engine’s official website for more information about its team and the engine itself.