Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect Abandons 1080p In Favour Of 2K, Packs 12TB Of Video Data

Ah, the beauty of PC gaming. Big Finish Games has announced that its upcoming Tex Murphy game, Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect, will no longer support 1080p (for its full motion videos). Instead, the team is targeting 2K resolutions in order to provide the best visual experience for this upcoming adventure title.

According to Big Finish Games, Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect features over 2,600 film shots (all VFX), 140 hours of recorded green screen video from which the scenes were edited and 12TB of video data. Moreover, players will be able to explore the game’s environments (so no, this is not a simple ‘interactive movie’.

Do note that this 2K change will only affect the live-action full motion video portion of the game. The actual game engine graphics are scalable to many resolutions your monitor is capable of displaying.