Terraria devs are moving on, Gaslamp Games interested in taking over Terraria’s support

All good things come to an end, eventually. Terraria is an amazing indie game, that sparked the interest and kept company to a lot of PC gamers. And while it was quite successful, Re-Logic feels the need to move on. The company is mainly consisted by two members, Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks and Finn ‘Tiy’ Brice. And since Tiy has joined Chucklefish, the team developing the upcoming indie title Starbound, Redigit felt the need to step back and take a break for a while.
What does this mean for all of Terraria gamers? Simple. Terraria won’t get any major content updates. Redigit has promised at least a one more bug fix for Terraria though.
Naturally, Terraria fans were a bit worried about this whole thing but fear not as there might be a light of hope. Gaslamp Games, the team responsible for Dungeons of Dredmor, have offered to take over Terraria’s support. Although Redigit hasn’t responded yet to Gaslamp Games’ offer, it will be interesting to see what this indie team will come up with.
Gaslamp Games doesn’t want to get Terraria’s fans hopes up, so hold your horses everyone for the time being.