Tekken 7 feature 2

Tekken 7 – September 20th update is now available, brings balance tweaks to characters

Bandai Namco has released a brand new update for TEKKEN 7. According to the release notes, this patch improves, tweaks and re-balances some of the game’s characters. As such, this is a must-have patch for everyone that is playing TEKKEN 7 online.

Apart from the moveset adjustments, this patch does not bring anything new to the table. So basically, there is still no support for 21:9 monitors on the PC.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can read its complete changelog below.

Tekken 7 – September 20th Update Release Notes

Hwoarang – Rage Drive – Made a modification so that rage meter is spent when the third attack is executed instead of the second.
– Human Cannonball – Fixed an issue where Hwoarang sometimes can’t catch an opponent after he slides.

Xiaoyu – During Phoenix – Opponents are now knocked back shorter distance when blocking this move.
?An opponent’s hit now becomes an aerial hit when it lands while guarding.

Bryan Fury – Snake Edge – Expanded the hit box.

Jack 7 – Rage Art – Expanded the hit box.

Dragnov – Clipping Sweep – Hit box is generated 2F later than before.
Pommel Swing – Hit box is generated 1F later than before.
While rising – Expanded the hit box.

Lili – Edelweiss – Expanded the hit box.

Leo – Gui Xi – Opponents are now knocked back shorter distance when blocking this move.
?Increased the recovery frame by 1F when the move is blocked and when the move whiffed.
?Increased the recovery frame by 4F when the move whiffed.

Lucky Chloe – Rage Drive – Rage drive While crouching?The first attack Opponents’ block stun is now increased by 8F.
?Hit box of the first attack now remains 1F longer.
?The opponent is now knocked back shorter distance when the first attack hits.
?An opponent’s block stun is increased by 7F when the 2nd attack is blocked.
? Up Step While crouching?Hit box remains 1F longer.

Josie – Step in Tracer ?Expanded the hit box.
?Hit box remains 1F longer.

Gigas – Hell Crusher
During Goliath ?Hit box remains 2F longer.
Monster Axe ?Expand the hit box of 2nd attack.
Repelling Blast?Hit box remains 1F longer.

Kazumi – Crimson Dawn?Shorten the reach of first attack

Nina – Sideslip?Changed the status to crouching.
?Modified the collision to make it easier to land the attack.

Master Raven While crouching ?Expanded the hit box.
?Crouching status remains 8F longer.

Lee – Laser Edge Lee Somersault ?Modified the motion and now the character moves forward for more distance.
– Rear Cross Punch?Expanded the hit box.
– Grass Snake?Available to use this skill even entering as well.
– Twister Heel/While rising?Decreased the block stun by 2F.
?Modified the motion and the character moves forward for more distance.
– Silver Tail/While crouching?Fixed an issue where crouching status disappeared when inputting and transitioning to a stance.

Eddy – Rage drive – Increased the block stun by 7F when the first attack is blocked.

Eliza – Dark Blade Chaos?Improved the homing ability of the move.
– Dark Cannon – AirBorne Dark Cannon During jump?Increased the block stun by 3F.
– Rending Claw?Changed an opponent’s behavior when the move hits.