Teaser Trailer for Confrontation; Cyanide’s Upcoming Epic Tactical RPG

Focus Home Interactive released today a teaser trailer for Confrontation, Cyanide’s upcoming tactical RPG. Confrontation is the video game adaptation of the famous board game universe by Rackham. Deftly combining role-playing game elements with strategy, Confrontation promises to offer a rich and unique experience that focuses on intense and extremely tactical battles.
This video teaser will immerse you in the heart of Aarklash, the world of Confrontation, while the Rag’narok, announcing the end of this world, has just begun. The Path of Light (the Griffin), Path of Destiny (the Wolfen and Orcs), and Path of Darkness (the Scorpion) are preparing for battle: lead by their champions, the Incarnated, the armies of each faction are getting ready for a merciless war. The reward? The winners will impose their own vision of the Rag’narok… and will survive the others races.
Confrontation is currently slated for a 2012 release, exclusively on the PC!
Confrontation: Teaser