PC racing fans, get ready; GTR3 has been revealed, teaser website is now live

And here comes some great news for all GTR fans out there. GTR3’s teaser site is now live and features some audio footage from the game itself. Yeap, you read that right. GTR3 is in development as we speak. According to the developers, the audio sample is actually in-game and there is no doubt that it sounds great. It’s really surprising that Simbin has chosen this silent approach of revealing GTR3, instead of making an official announcement about its development. This could either mean that the game is still in early development or that the company wanted to see the buzz they’d get by simply offering a teaser website and nothing more.
So, if you are a PC racing sim fan, go ahead and visit GTR3’s official teaser website.
According to Eurogamer – who spotted the teaser website – there are some hints of what to expect. Audi’s R8 LMS GT3 and BMW Z4 GT3, can be spotted, alongside shots of rustic, tree-lined circuits, suggesting a return to the classic racing of 2005’s GT Legends. Of course, this is only speculation so take it with a grain of salt.
No details have been given as of yet and we really don’t know whether or not this will remain a PC exclusive title. Still, it’s coming guys!