Team Bondi’s ex-employees want to see the company destroyed

The fight between Rockstar and Team Bondi may have ended – for now – but here comes a neeeeeeeeew challenger. According to the studio’s lead programmer, Dave Heironymus, some ex-employees want to actually see the company destroyed.
According to Dave Heironymus’s blog post on Gamasutra:
“I know, I know. I’ll be labelled as [studio manager] ‘Brendan McNamara’s sock puppet’ or worse. You’ll just have to take my word that I’m doing this because I enjoy working at Team Bondi and don’t want to see it destroyed by anonymous ex-employees.
What is the motivation behind these attacks on Team Bondi? If the motivation were to see improvement in the working conditions at Team Bondi, then I’m all for it… All of the management and staff at Team Bondi want to improve our processes so we can make even better games in a decent timeframe, without burning people out along the way.
However, some of these comments in recent stories seem to go beyond that. Some ex-employees who left the company years ago want to see Team Bondi destroyed. They want to see 35 game developers out of a job. That seems to me to be a less laudable motivation.”
It’s really funny though. Before this whole story got out, noone knew who Team Bondi was and that they were basically behind L.A. Noire, as most of gamers thought that Rockstar was developing the game. Fast forward some months and ask those same gamers who Team Bondi is and you’ll be surprised with their answers. Damn right, everyone knows them now. So was it all a marketing trick or not?
Only time will tell. For now… let mortal combat begin!