Tales of Zestiria – Mod Enables 60FPS At Correct Game Speed

God bless modders. Steam’s member ‘Kaldaien’ has been working on a project for Tales of Zestiria and thanks to the brilliant work of DrDaxxy we now have true 60fps on this title. Yeap, that’s right. While Bandai Namco claimed that it was impossible to unlock the framerate, DrDaxxy proved them wrong. Thanks to his work, PC gamers can now enjoy Tales of Zestiria with 60fps at correct game speed.

And this precisely why PC games should be open to mods. Modders can either fix major issues that plague PC games or come up with some really crazy and cool ideas (as we’ve seen in Skyrim and Fallout).

As Kaldaien wrote:

“Thanks to the brilliant work of DrDaxxy, we pretty much have 60 FPS working now. None of this speed doubling nonsense; animation speed is doubled, everything else runs at proper speed.

It is amazing how simple this fix actually is when applied, and I really, really hope that BANDAI Namco sees this and realizes it’s perfectly reasonable to add an option for 60 FPS back into the game.

The only thing that remains to be fixed now is aspect ratio on menus, I have basic support for this but it’s unpolished. Nevertheless, this is such a significant change that I’m prepared to bump the version up to 1.0.0”

Alongside the 60FPS gamoe mode, this latest version of his project fixes shimmering, reduces stuttering, packs various Hyper Threading optimizations, and automatically takes a screenshot when an achievement is unlocked.

This is a must have mod for all Tales of Zestiria fans, so go ahead and download it from here.

Have fun!

Tales of Zestiria in *real* 60fps, at correct game speed.