Take on Helicopters DLC officially announced and coming on March 15th

Remember when we’ve informed you about a possible DLC for Take on Helicopters? Well, it appears we were right as Bohemia Interactive has just announced the first official DLC for Take On Helicopters – Take On Helicopters: Hinds. Shifting focus to a more combat-oriented experience, Take On Helicopters: Hinds puts players in the seat of the most iconic and revolutionary military gunship ever: the Hind.
Creative Director Jay Crowe said:
“With Take On Helicopters, our goal was to strike a balance between pure gaming – story-driven scenarios, challenges, time trials – and an authentic experience of flying a helicopter. Of course, that’s a tough job, but alongside the accessible controls, difficulty settings and optional assists, we’re glad to find a big range of people having fun flying helicopters in Take On.
Our game doesn’t demand you to have any previous flight (game) experience, nor does it matter if you want to play it with mouse-and-keyboard, a gamepad or, for that matter, a full-blown cockpit-setup. In that sense, the civil-aviation context – not to mention the wonderful Seattle as the setting – of Take On Helicopters was ideal, as it allowed us to create a fun set of missions, whilst keeping the primary focus upon flying helicopters.
On the other hand, after launching the game, we felt there was room to complement Take On Helicopters with a more ‘action-packed’ experience. Our Hinds DLC is perfect for those who are seeking the adrenaline rush of flying a classic military gunship and getting into combat.”
Take On Helicopters: Hinds includes the Mil Mi-24 V, Mi-24 P and Mi-35 Super Hind helicopter gunships (with over 25 different liveries), a brand new set of singleplayer challenges, 5 time trials and new competitive multiplayer scenario. The release date is set on Thursday 15 March 2012, when it will be available for download at Store.bistudio.com, Steam, Desura and several other online stores.
Take On Helicopters: Hinds can already be pre-ordered for € 12.99 at Store.bistudio.com. New pilots can save € 6.99 by ordering the special pre-order bundle – consisting of Take On Helicopters and Take On Helicopters: Hinds – for a total price of € 46.99 (normally € 52.99).
Here are the key features of Take on Helicopters: Hinds.
-Range of Hind variants – Range of Hind variants – Highly detailed models of the Mi-24 V, Mi-24 P and Mi-35 Super Hind helicopters across a range of over 25 different liveries
-Unique Hind attributes – Faithful recreation of the cockpits, flight model, landing gear and weapon systems
Realistic sound effects – Samples recorded from real-life Hind helicopters for an extra level of detail
Singleplayer challenges – A set of gameplay challenges showcasing ground attacks and aerial support
Time trials – Put the helicopter through its paces in 5 tough timed checkpoint races
Multiplayer gameplay – New adversarial scenario available over LAN/Internet; battle it out against other Hind teams
Pick-up-and-pilot controls – Designed to be played with mouse-and-keyboard, gamepads and joysticks
Language support – The DLC is available in English, German, Czech, Italian, French and Spanish