System Shock 2 feature

System Shock 2 Is Now Available on Linux

Night Dive Studios has released a new update for the Steam version of System Shock 2. The new v2.43 patch for Looking Glass Studios’s classic horror title adds  support for Linux along with a plethora of fixes.

System Shock 2 Update v2.43 Changelog:

  • Fixed various smaller issues that could potentially affect stability
  • Fixed light radius from dynamic lights on other objects so it matches light radius on terrain (instead of infinite)
  • Fixed (or at least reduced) issue where on rare occasions it could turn AIs invulnerable and non-collidable after loading or level transition (fix may not apply to existing savegames where this already happened)
  • Fixed bug with archive extraction failure not being detected properly in FMSel, at least for archives with unsupported compression method (like old zips using “Implode”)
  • Fixed some bugs in FMSel with localization, paths containing umlauts and other special characters, and added OGG to WAV conversion option
    fixed DML parsing bug with link IDs
  • Fixed bug with “d3d_disp_enable_atoc 1” on nVidia where it ended up using SSAA (if available) instead of ATOC
  • Fixed bug where filtering was applied to even pixel scaled UI in DX9 on most resolutions even when it shouldn’t have
  • Added subtitle support
  • Added support for mission DMLs to include so called fingerprints, data that can link a DML to a particular mission (because mission filenames are often the same for different OMs/FMs)
  • Added support for mission DMLs to be bundled in dbmods subdirectories
  • Added support for DMLs to request additional OSMs and to reference objects by name
  • Removed GOG EULA.txt


For our Mac gamers out there who haven’t gotten the chance to play the classic title that made Bioshock what it is, System Shock 2 will also be getting OSX support in a few days. (Possibly even later today)