Survarium Details – No Offline mode, Open Beta Planned, RPG elements confirmed, in-house engine

Vostok Games has revealed today – via the game’s official FB page – the first details about their free-to-play MMOFPS, Survarium. According to the developers, Survarium will feature RPG and survival elements, as well as a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that will influence the gameplay in many different ways, mutants, underground levels and bullet ballistics. Survarium will be a story driven MMOFPS and will not feature a seamless big world. Survarium is going to be a session-based game and Vostok Games’ plan is to constantly expand the number of new locations in the game.
As the team said, many of the game elements will be in common, such as survival, anomalies, factions, mutants. However, there won’t be any kind of Offline or Single Player mode to it.
The developers have also made it clear that survival is a key aspect of the project and it will take a priority over just shooting anything that moves. Players can expect traps, anomalies, unexpected enemy actions, weird and dangerous mutants and much, much more.
Vostok Games have also answered the question that most of you wanted to make (and already knew the answer). Survarium is an MMOFPS and not a standard FPS title, becase an online free2play project today is a much easier way for a developer to establish direct connection with players. And quite easier to develop in our opinion.
Survarium will be powered by a new, in-house game engine, and there will be an open beta test for it at a later date.
Last but not least, the team wants to demonstrate the importance of its ‘stalkerish’ love in Survarium, so you should expect to see a lot of similarities with it. However, there won’t be any sort of A-Life system or randomly generated quests.
Survarium is currently slated for a 2013 release on the PC. Special thanks to ‘NYC_Gamer’ for spotting the FB page!