Super Street Fighter 2 Ultimate Ver. 3.0 is an awesome free MUGEN game, featuring a Tag Mode (2vs2)

Gui Santos, the man behind some amazing Mortal Kombat Mugen games, has released a new version of Super Street Fighter 2 Ultimate. As you may have guessed, Super Street Fighter 2 Ultimate is a free Mugen game based on Capcom’s classic fighting game and this latest version comes with a Tag mode/system.

As with most Tag Modes, players can choose two fighters and switch between them at will during the rounds. This implementation appears to be working great, so kudos to Gui Santos for implementing it (as the official games have not been updated with such a mode).

What’s also cool here is that Gui Santos understands how both MK and SF play. As such, this Mugen version of Street Fighter feels identical to the real thing. Players can even use some combos from the original game, and there are some cool small details (like Ken’s tatsumaki senpukyaku hitting the opponents three times in a form of a combo and Ryu’s similar technique hitting them once).

Moreover, this Mugen game also comes with some hidden/special/cameo characters from other 2D fighting games.

Those interested can download Super Street Fighter 2 Ultimate Ver. 3.0 from here!

[MUGEN FULLGAME] Super Street Fighter 2 Ultimate Ver. 3.0 (with TAG SYSTEM!) RELEASE!