Super Mega Baseball 3 is coming to the PC in April 2020

Metalhead Software has announced that Super Mega Baseball 3 will be coming to the PC in April 2020. In order to celebrate this announcement, the team released the game’s debut trailer that you can find below.

Super Mega Baseball 3 will feature a brand-new Franchise mode and refined graphics. Furthermore, it will come with additional player and team content, new stadiums, and new on-field mechanics.

Here are also the game’s key features:

  • Challenge your hand-eye coordination or relax and hit dingers with fluid gameplay that scales seamlessly from novice to beyond-expert levels of difficulty.
  • Apply and refine your baseball instincts with a sophisticated baseball simulation featuring new pick-off and stealing mechanics, wild pitches and passed balls, designated hitters, and situational player traits.
  • Take in the sights and sounds of 14 richly detailed ballparks, each featuring unique day, night and alternate lighting conditions.
  • Guide an evolving team to greatness over multiple seasons in the all new Franchise mode featuring player development, aging, retirement and signing/releasing of free agents.
  • Compete online to win pennants and climb to higher divisions in the cross-platform Pennant Race mode.
  • Create your ideal league with a comprehensive customization suite that includes season length/structure, team names/uniforms/logos, and player names/appearance/attributes.
  • Play or simulate any combination of games/teams in customized Seasons and Elimination brackets, solo or with friends.


Super Mega Baseball 3 - Announce Trailer