Super Mario 64 HD Unity Remake – New Version Sports HDR, Specular Bump Mapping & Improved Lighting

A couple of days ago, we informed you about a fan-made remake of the first level from Super Mario 64 in the Unity Engine. Reddit’s member ‘varietygamer‘ has experimented with its source code and released a new overhauled version of it. This new version packs improved lighting and shadows, HDR + Depth of Field + Edge Shading, Volumetric Clouds, Specular Bump mapping on most textures and high resolution landscape textures.

Here are the key features of this improved version of Super Mario 64 in Unity Engine:

  • Improved lighting and shadows
  • Dynamic Sky Box/Volumetric clouds
  • Ground clutter wind simulation
  • HDR + Depth of Field + Edge Shading + other
  • Added some fauna (Birds/Butterflies)
  • Hi-Res landscape textures
  • Specular Bump mapping on most textures
  • Trees (Can’t climb)
  • Distance landscape

Those interested can download this new version from here.

Enjoy the following screenshots!