A Pixel Story Is Now Available

Channel 4 today announces that video game A Pixel Story, the BAFTA-nominated 2D puzzle-platformer from Lamplight Studios, is now available to download on Steam for PC.

Taking on the role of the titular pixel, players need to escape from a Pong-like game world and then progress through increasingly detailed game worlds that pay homage to the developments made in gaming across four graphical generations.

A Pixel Story is described as a fun and epic retelling of the history of video games… or a stress test for your gamepad’s structural integrity.

Here are the key features of A Pixel Story:

– Quick reflex platform action with a puzzle twist
– Vibrant worlds pay homage to 8-bit, 16-bit and modern gaming eras
– A magical teleportation hat
– Pad-smashingly-hard bonus challenge rooms
– Seven worlds, each with a new mechanic
– Evolving graphical and audio fidelity
– Thousands of coins, gems and special items to collect
– Did we mention the magical teleportation hat?