Super Mario 64 header screenshot

Super Mario 64 gets closer to the looks of its 90s CG artworks on PC

The Render96 team has shared a trailer, showcasing a new mod that attempts to make the unofficial PC port of Super Mario 64 look like its 90s CG artworks. This mod will transform the looks of the game, and consider a must-have for everyone that has already played the SM64.

Going into more details, Render96 is a free-to-play fan modification for Super Mario 64. The goal of this project is to match the game’s promotional artwork during the late 1990s. The team has recreated every model and asset was using images found online from the Nintendo 64 era.

Render96 will have multiple playable characters. As such, you can use Mario (duh), Warior and Luigi. The team is also remaking most, if not all, levels. Not only that, but the mod will be compatible with the RTX build of Super Mario 64 (not at launch though).

In short, this will be a dream come true for all Super Mario 64 fans. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when Render96 will come out, however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Render96 Definitive Trailer

Render96 Ray Tracing + Level Showcase