Success – DICE Will Offer An Option To Disable The Color Grading Effect In Battlefield 3

And success everyone. DICE’s software engineer on servers and persistence, Mikael Kalms, revealed that the company will include a console command with which players will be able to disable – completely – Battlefield 3’s color grading. The good news here is that this will not get you banned from the official servers. The bad news is that there is no mention about the third-party tool/mod that already does this particular thing.
As Mikael Kalms said:
“There will be a console command for disabling the color grading entirely in the game included with the next PC game client update. We believe that turning it off gives no major competitive advantage/disadvantage. IRNV scope and a few others which turn the image into greyscale or greenscale don’t work properly without color grading and will look real ugly.”
Kalms has also added that won’t be¬†any in-game UI for turning it on/off, meaning that PC gamers will have to rely on this console command.
Moreover, DICE will not offer any support and won’t fix any possible bugs that may occur when color grading is disabled.
Mixed feelings then. Let’s hope that the third-party mod (that also adjusts other things like saturation and exposure) will be also given the green light. Special thanks to our reader ‘Oldboy_GR’ for informing us about it!