Subnautica is now completely free for a limited time on Epic’s digital store

Unknown Worlds and Epic Games are currently offering Subnautica for free via the Epic digital store. This is a limited free offering that will last until December 27th, so we strongly suggest acquiring your free copy immediately (that is of course if you are interested in this game).

Subnautica is an underwater, open-world adventure game that tasks players with exploring a vast alien ocean, while trying to survive mysterious creatures who lurk far beneath the surface.

Explorers can craft equipment, interact with wildlife and pilot watercraft to explore coral reefs, volcanoes and caves, all while trying to survive.

Those interested can acquire their free copy by visiting Epic’s digital store, and below you can find the game’s key features:

Dive into a Vast Underwater World

  • After crash landing on an uncharted world, players navigate a wide array of ocean biomes in search of answers. From sun-drenched coral reefs to deep-sea trenches, the surroundings and life forms change as explorers delve deeper – posing new threats.

Scavenge, Craft and Survive

  • The adventure begins in an emergency Life Pod, where players must immediately find water, food and resources, then venture forth to discover blueprints and materials for more advanced equipment to increase their chances of survival.

Construct Underwater Habitats

  • Survivors choose from a number of modules and components to build a custom underwater base, adding furnishings, vehicle bays, observatory chambers and more. As players dive deeper, pressure increases, so they must manage the strength of their base hull to stay safe.

Unravel the Mystery

  • Never-before-seen architecture, a mysterious disease affecting sea life and secrets await in the deep. Players will discover the truth behind their crash landing and seek the means to escape the planet alive.

Play Your Way

  • Subnautica allows players to explore the ocean and manage health, hunger and hydration in Survival mode; endure the pressure of only ONE life and no O2 alerts in Hardcore mode or, unleash their inner visionary in Creative mode – which allows them freedom to explore the ocean and build bases with no health upkeep or resource costs. 
Subnautica Cinematic Trailer