Street Fighter V Does Not Currently Punish Rage Quitters

As we’ve already said, Street Fighter V is a mess and Capcom should had not released this game in its current state. However, this would mean that competitive players would not have the chance to practice in order to get ready for EVO. Yeap, this is the main reason Street Fighter V was released yesterday. And it appears that among all the other issues we’ve mentioned, the game does not punish rage quitters right now.

We’ve been extensively testing this after some reports, and we can confirm that Street Fighter V does not punish those that rage quit. This happens on both Ranked and Casual modes.

In short, players can take advantage of such a thing in order to prevent themselves from slipping down Street Fighter 5’s league system.

We are pretty sure that Capcom will fix this in a future update. Once Capcom finally fixes all of its issues, Street Fighter V will be a really amazing game. Because the game does have potential. However, right now, Street Fighter V is in an unfinished state and was rushed out the door too early.