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Starfield’s PC physical copies will only have a code, no game disc

Starfield is currently one of the most highly anticipated games on PC. However, it appears that the PC physical copies will not have any game discs. Instead, all PC physical copies, including the premium versions, will have a game code.

Now the good news is that you can choose whether you want a Windows Store or Steam key with your physical copy. Or at least that’s what Bethesda’s official website implies. So, that’s at least something good as you can at least choose your favorite store.

The fact that you will pay $300 for the Constellation Edition and still won’t get a game disc is a bit troublesome. On the other hand, this is pretty common for most PC releases. This trend of game codes started almost ten years ago with NBA 2K. Or at least that’s when I got my first physical PC copy that only contained a game code and nothing more.

Anyway, we thought it would be best to inform you about it. So, if you plan to get a physical copy, know that you won’t be getting any game discs.

Starfield releases in September. As we’ve already reported, the game will support native 4K and 60fps only on PC. You can also find here the game’s official PC system requirements.

Stay tuned for more!