Max Payne 3 gets a 3.5GB 4K Texture Pack

Max Payne 3 is considered by many as one of the best third-person shooter games. Developed by Rockstar, this third part in the Max Payne series featured amazing shooting mechanics. And today, we bring you a 4K Texture Pack for it.

This 4K pack is 3.5GB in size and upscales all the 3D models for Max Payne. In other words, this pack only overhauls the main character and not the game’s environments. The modder has not shared a comparison video, though we have the following three screenshots that you can view.

Max Payne 3 came out in 2012 and some of its environmental textures are really dated. Thus, let’s hope that the modder will also release a 4K Texture Pack for its environments (including grass, trees, roads, rocks, objects, etc).

You can download this 4K Texture Pack from here.

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Have fun!

Max Payne 3 4K texture pack-1Max Payne 3 4K texture pack-2Max Payne 3 4K texture pack-3