StarCraft Universe’s Kickstarter Hits Its Goal Just A Couple Of Hours Before Ending

StarCraft Universe

Good news for all StarCraft fans as the Kickstarter campaign of StarCraft Universe has hit its $80K goal. StarCraft Universe is a free to play science fiction Multi-Player Online RPG played through on StarCraft II. The game/mod will feature an SP mode thanks to this Kickstarter campaign and will tell a story set in an alternate reality, where the ending of StarCraft II:Wings of Liberty has a grim conclusion for Kerrigan.

StarCraft Universe promises to focus on telling an epic story and intense combat action, as well as highly replay-able multi-player experiences. StarCraft Universe will be released as a series of custom games published through

The objective of this game is to experience the universe of StarCraft from a third person view and master a wide variety challenges, missions, and raiding experiences. The focus of the game is to have a team of players/friends, creating/customizing their own hero character which they use to battle together through enemy forces and powerful bosses in a rich and living environment.

There are still a couple of hours left to this campaign, so those interested can still back it up by visiting its Kickstarter page.


StarCraft Universe - Final Testament (Multi-player Alpha Demo)

StarCraft Universe - Chronicles of Fate Prologue Trailer (Open Alpha)