Starcraft II – Patch 1.4.1 is now available

Blizzard released today a new patch for their acclaimed strategy game, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. This small patch features several bug fixes, both to the game and the StarCraft II Editor and you can view the entire changelog after the jump. However, we should point out that Blizzard hasn’t updated yet their support page, so there isn’t any way to manually download this patch which basically means that you’ll have to rely on Battlenet and its patching capabilities.
Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.4.1 Changelog:
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where loading certain DXT textures on custom maps could cause a crash.
-Fixed an issue where loading corrupted texture files could cause a crash.
-Fixed an issue where video drivers that do not support certain texture formats could cause a crash.
-Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when Windows resumes from hibernation mode while the game is running.
-Fixed an issue which could cause incorrect campaign progression when loading saved campaign made prior to 1.4.0.
-Fixed slowdowns which could occur when using Razer Spectre mouse.
StarCraft II Editor Fixes
Fixed an issue where destroying a Dialog Item of type Edit Box while text is being entered could cause a crash.
-Fixed an issue where camera rotation behaved improperly when rotation was modified by positive values.