Game of Thrones RPG coming in Early 2012

Admit it. When you saw the game based on the acclaimed “Game of Thrones” series that Cyanide was developing for the PC, you kind of wished it was an RPG instead of an RTS game, right? Well, get ready because Cyanide has more in store for you. According to the company’s director, Yves Bordeleau, Cyanide is developing an action RPG – similar to Mass Effect – for current gen consoles and PC with a targeted release date in early 2012.
According to Kotaku, the game will tell a twisting narrative set alongside the events of the novel Game of Thrones. In addition, players will be able to take the role of two different characters, switching back and forth between them as their tales move alongside the events of the first book. Moreover, none of the protagonists will be playable but you will meet them as the game progresses.
The combat system will be similar to the one found in the Knights of the Old Republic. Players will be able to pause it – or to be more precise to slow down the time – at will and give orders. As Bordeleau described:
“You pause the game to give orders, but it doesn’t really pause, it slows the time down. You can see something coming and react to it.”
We can expect detailed information about this game very soon, though we somehow doubt if it’s going to be released in early 2012 – since it hasn’t been officially announced yet. Here is hoping that Cyanide will deliver!