Star Wars Battlefront 3 cancelled game

Star Wars Battlefront 3, Empire of Mana & Dragon Quest Rivals appear on Steam Database

It appears that a number of games have appeared on Steam’s database. According to Steam’s official database, there are EULAS for Star Wars Battlefront 3, Empire of Mana  and Dragon Quest Rivals.

Going into more details, the EULA of the Star Wars Battlefront 3 game hints at a “Classic, 2019” mode. Taking a closer look at the EULA, we can get an idea of what this game is all about.

“Haze Studios, Free Radical Design, Lucasfilm, Disney are the owners of the copyright of this STAR WARS  Battlefront III (Classic, 2019)”

In short, this is the cancelled Battlefront 3 game from Free Radical Design. However, this EULA appears to be a new one. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense to include the “Classic, 2019” back in 2008-2009 when the game was cancelled. Perhaps Disney is looking into finishing and releasing Battlefront 3?

On the other hand, Dragon Quest Rivals is a mobile TCG that features the characters and monsters from Square Enix’s renowned Dragon Quest series. The game originally came out in 2017 on mobile devices.

Lastly, Empire of Mana could be a new Mana game. Unfortunately, its EULA does not provide any additional details. What it does reveal, though, is that the game will be using Unreal Engine.

The fact that these EULAs appeared on Steam means that something is definitely going on in the background. From what we know, only publisher can create these EULAs. Now whether some of them are from games that are no longer in development remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for more!