Star Wars 1313 – Gamescom 2012 Gameplay Trailer

This is why most – latest – video game trailes suck. Yes yes, I used the ‘s’ word but for a reason. Lucas Arts released a new gameplay trailer for Star Wars 1313 (that can be viewed below and is courtesy of IGN). You know, the Star Wars game with the CG quality real-time graphics. And even though the company could have shown us some new gameplay scenes, they decided to recycle all previous sequences into a trailer that will make you dizzy. Seriously now, what’s up with changing scenes every two seconds? It’s not cool, it doesn’t showcase the graphics, and will not be appreciated by a huge number of gamers. Ironically, the raw gameplay footages of Star Wars 1313 that were revealed some months ago are way cooler than this ‘I-will-make-you-hate-me-for-messing-with-your-eyes’ trailer.