Star Control: Origins – Fleet Battles Beta 2 available, sports improved graphics & custom pilot animations

Stardock has released a massive new beta update for Star Control: Origins’ Fleet Battles, adding some new alien ships, a few devastating new weapons, and customization options for your matches.

Furthermore, this patch comes with improved graphics and custom pilot animations, as well as custom-created ships that are available in multiplayer mode.

Star Control: Origins is a new space game that will let you explore a living galaxy filled with alien civilizations, and will feature new and exotic worlds, pulse pounding combat, and a deep, rich history that is yours to unravel.

The game will release later this year, and those who have already access to it (by pre-ordering it) can find the complete changelog for this latest update on Steam!

Star Control®: Origins™ - April 2018 Preview Trailer

Star Control®: Origins™ - Fleet Battles Beta Trailer