Star Conflict – Gameplay Footage Shows Why You Should Start Playing This New F2P Title

Gaijin Entertainment has revealed a new gameplay footage video that was captured by Star Conflict’s member ‘RaptorStealth.’ In case you’re not familiar with, Star Conflict is one of the best looking, free to play, space combat games and has been in open beta testing for quite sometime. It’s been a while since the last good-looking space combat PC game, so make sure to give it a go.
The action in Star Conflict takes place in remote future, in times when mankind seems to have discovered all the secrets of the Universe, and the boundaries of knowledge are left far behind by the progress. But on the very edge of the Galaxy, in Sector 1337, a random expedition suddenly discovers a place of the dead, deserted worlds – the ruins of the great civilization of Precursors, which was destroyed by an unknown deadly anomaly.
Star Conflict - RaptorStealth