Star Citizen 3.0

Star Citizen surpasses two million players, version 3.3.0 planned for a Q3 2018 release

Cloud Imperium has announced that Star Citizen has surpassed two million players and in order to celebrate this, it is releasing special badges to commemorate your dedication and engagement. In addition, the team has updated its roadmap, revealing the target windows for versions 3.3.0, 3.4.0 and 3.5.0.

As Chris Roberts said:

“The 1M badge for those of you that were part of the first million backers, and the 2M for those brave adventurers that have joined us since, up to and including our two millionth Citizen. As a bonus, when available in the ‘verse, you’ll also be receiving an in-game T-shirt with a similar logo, so your character can sport a stylish reminder that they’ve played an integral role in the shaping of their universe.”

The team currently plans to add more content and mechanics into the game, while also pour resources and focus into quality of life improvements and polish current features.

According to the roadmap, the next version – 3.3.0 – is planned for a Q3 2018 release. Among other features, this version will come with Environmental Blending Shader; a shader that will allow smoother blending of dirt, ice, and sand onto objects, Network Entity Streaming, Object Container Streaming, FoIP Integration, Cloud Tech and performance improvements to increase overall framerate among all PC specs.

Last but not least, version 3.4.0 is scheduled for a Q4 2018 release, whereas version 3.5.0 is planned for a Q1 2019 release.